Components of a successful data analytics program

Data is a big barrier in adopting analytics across an organization. But it is the lack of an organizational structure that will lead to failure, no matter how sophisticated the technology or algorithm. A successful data analytics program takes into account organizational awareness, an iterative strategy, a stepwise approach to adopting applications, and the development of data fluency.

What does “go-to-market” mean?

Every company, by it’s nature, goes to market with something. Yet we have seen so many companies who focus on one aspect of go-to-market, or have a diffuse strategy, or don’t have the capabilities to deliver on the strategy. Go-to-market systems start from the design and dissemination of the strategy across the organization, and goes all the way to your client-interface employees and services. There are a few questions you can ask yourself to gauge the health of your go-to-market framework.

Improving measurement of patient-centricity in clinical trials

I found a very interesting paper (“Preventing Patient Centricity from Becoming a Fad“, Applied Clinical Trials) outlining ideas and recommendations around patient-centricity measurements in clinical trials. Proper integrations of patient centricity measurement and management in clinical trials can improve the quality and vale of clinical trials, and their success rate. The author is concerned about many topics surrounding Read more about Improving measurement of patient-centricity in clinical trials[…]

Continuous evidence: the fusion of RWE, digital health, and drug effectiveness

I was reading a very interesting article (“Architects of Value”, EyeforPharma) on the vital role of real world data to demonstrate value of pharma drugs. There were many good points made that I want to delve into. The background on this topic is that proof of drug effectiveness has gone beyond proving something in phase III trials. Read more about Continuous evidence: the fusion of RWE, digital health, and drug effectiveness[…]

What is 777labs?

For the past 20 years, I have been helping folks in marketing and sales identify, target, build, and nurture customer relationships, market opportunities, and brand growth. I have either led or heavily influenced sales strategies, marketing efforts, or solution design and development, giving me a unique perspective as to how strategy and execution cut across key Read more about What is 777labs?[…]